child advocacy teams serve more children than ever before

Aug 31, 2021

VidaNyx hosts vicarious trauma series, Healing Us, for multidisciplinary professionals

As back to school season starts in varying ways amidst the lingering pandemic, we know kids will only further rely on trusted adults to be their advocates in their time of need – to see them and the signs of potential abuse and to be a voice for them for safety. In 2021, the more than 924 child advocacy centers supported by networks of multidisciplinary teams across the country will serve more kids than in any other period of the field’s history – likely over 400,000. And the children being served are often involved in more complex cases than in years past.

This not only underscores the need for child advocacy and multidisciplinary teams to further build upon efforts centering the systems of justice and healing around the child’s needs, but it also comes on top of staffing shortages and compounding stress for professionals doing this heroic work.

workshops to help individuals and teams address vicarious trauma

One impact of doing this kind of work on a daily basis is vicarious trauma, a topic that has been the focus of much academic attention. But given our support of more than 16,000 multidisciplinary professionals in 4,800 agencies nationwide, we see the real people behind the studies and are compelled to take action. Beginning September 8th, and for each successive Wednesday through October 6th, VidaNyx is hosting five interactive workshops with practical tools for addressing vicarious trauma.

These workshops, designed for child advocacy and multidisciplinary professionals, will be led by expert Tabitha Mpamira, international advocate, mental health therapist, and consultant on sexual and gender-based violence and topics will successively build upon one another based upon her five principles of healing:

  1. Safety, Identity & Intentions – Setting foundations for group safety
  2. Knowledge Is Power – Neuroscience of vicarious trauma & coping strategies
  3. Bearing Witness – Sharing stories that validate and reframe lived experiences
  4. Harm, Healing & Resilience – Understanding vicarious trauma & resilience
  5. Boundaries, Agency, Self Love & Community – Cultivating sense of personal agency & community care

While it is best to participate in all sessions to maximize the impact, multidisciplinary professionals are welcome to register for individual sessions as well.

our focus on supporting people with purpose

In the disciplines VidaNyx supports across child advocacy, prosecution, law enforcement, child protective services, medical, and mental health all oriented toward helping others, tending to vicarious trauma is more poignant than ever. In recognition of these amazing human beings on the front lines of child safety interrupting trauma and building hope, we have created a space for you to take care of yourself and those around you so that you can continue to serve the children who need us all. We encourage you to make yourself a priority. Register here to attend.

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