VidaNyx honors multidisciplinary champions on the front lines of child abuse on survivor support day

Jun 23, 2021

July 9th event to spotlight healing secondary trauma for teams delivering justice and hope to child survivors

It goes without saying that this has been an unprecedented year. At VidaNyx, we have the privilege of working with multidisciplinary teams represented by more than 4,000 agencies across the United States and growing – teams full of amazing human beings at the front lines of child safety – interrupting trauma and building hope.

This work is not for the faint of heart.

Survivor Support Day, celebrated across the country this year on July 9th, celebrates and honors these incredible stewards of hope. Knowing the past year has been especially trying, as teams adjusted to pandemic workflows and emergency protocols often supporting more concentrated cases of acute abuse, we are grateful to be hosting Tabitha Mpamira to share some inspiration, reflection, and access to tools to support teams with secondary trauma.

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keynote by tabitha mpamira dedicated to healing the healers

Tabitha, an international advocate and founder of EDJA Foundation providing free medical, legal, and mental health services to survivors of sexual assault in East Africa and bringing perpetrators to justice, is survivor and mental health therapist herself. She will address pragmatic ways to consider self care to address the stresses of working on the front lines of abuse, including the rise in secondary trauma, and introduce a series of complimentary workshops for child advocates and multidisciplinary members VidaNyx will be hosting with her this fall.

Tabitha’s work in this area has been widely recognized and vividly depicted by Now This and in the documentary Victors: Singing to the Lions, which has been screened globally, including at the United Nations Association – New York City. She was recognized by Global Citizen in 2018 when she won the People’s Choice Waislitz Award and is a current nominee for the Female Founders Alliance Advocate Award. Tabitha has been invited to speak across the globe including her widely viewed TEDx Talk on the transforming or transferring of trauma.

Join VidaNyx and our Partners Across the Country July 9th

VidaNyx will also be recognizing awards honor a Child Advocacy Leader, a Child Advocacy Multidisciplinary Partner, and a Champion of Children joined by national partners Teresa Huizar, Executive Director of the National Children’s Alliance, and Katelyn Brewer, CEO of Darkness to Light.

Join us in our Survivor Support Day kickoff recognizing individuals in child advocacy and serving on multidisciplinary teams who make this life saving work possible every day for children.

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