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you protect families. we protect the evidence.

Multidisciplinary teams, including Children’s Advocacy Centers and Child Protective Services, across the country use VidaNyx to help protect and heal children and families. Securely view, share, and store forensic interview videos, all powered by the ease and security of the cloud.

over 7,000 agencies trust VidaNyx
  • our customers would recommend VidaNyx to peers 65% more often than industry standards 65% 65%
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users report 67% faster case preparation with VidaNyx


up to 90% cost savings reported over traditional video evidence processing

empowering child advocates

    secure and organized

    Our secure and organized library allows your organization to keep, access, and share forensic interviews - all within the cloud - to protect testimony.

    • No more DVDs or flash drives
    • Securely handle proprietary audio and video files
    • Access and capture video from your mobile device

    audio and video tools

    Our easy to use audio and video tools allow you to edit, tag, and organize digital evidence in-app to maximize resources.
    • Automated transcripts and closed captioning
    • Transcription editing in-app
    • Video tagging
    • Redaction/video editing (coming soon!)

    chain of custody

    VidaNyx allows for a comprehensive chain of custody so that evidence is safe and only accessed by those who need access.

    • Easily search and sort case activity
    • Simple sharing interface with notices, receipts, and expiration dates
    • Robust system-wide reporting with customizable Summary Reports

    VidaNyx moves justice forward, uninterrupted

    VidaNyx is a secure and simple solution

      video tags

      third-party uploading and sharing

      decreased human error

      real-time reporting and dashboards

      13 layers of security

      chain of custody

      comprehensive chain of custody tracking

      automated transcripts and closed captioning with editor

      encrypted downloadable copies for off-line access

      delivering results to move justice forward, uninterrupted

      I’ve been in social work for 20 years, and of all the systems I’ve worked in, VidaNyx is the most elegant and user-friendly tool I’ve ever used. It would take me 5 times longer to do the work that I do without it.

      T. Brooke McGraw

      Director, Children's Justice Center Grand and San Juan County, Utah

      Prior to VidaNyx, our Center was handing over DVDs to investigative agencies. Where they went from there, we didn’t know. Since using this program, it’s become clear that these interviews were shared more than any of us imagined. Being able to keep this information safeguarded has been invaluable.

      Tonya Murray

      Director, Utah/Daggett Children's Justice Center

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