based on the highest standards associated with CJIS, HIPAA, and other data security frameworks
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simple and secure evidence management

VidaNyx is architected using 13 layers of security to offer prosecutors, law enforcement officers, social workers, and child advocacy centers peace of mind to manage evidence like never before.

VidaNyx’s security architecture is based on the highest standards associated with CJIS, HIPAA, and other data security frameworks.

VidaNyx is committed to CJIS Security Policy compliance and we have taken an ongoing pledge to ensure the secure management of sensitive Criminal Justice Information.

VidaNyx has earned the FBI-approved Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) ACE Seal from Diverse Computing Inc. The CJIS ACE Division of Diverse Computing offers the first and only industry-standard process for evaluating CJIS-related products and services to ensure they align with the FBI’s CJIS Security Policy which governs the creation, viewing, modification, transmission, dissemination, and storage of sensitive Criminal Justice Information.

Seals are only awarded to agencies and companies after completing a meticulous audit and evaluation process that reviews systems, policies, and procedures. The conclusion of the assessment has found that VidaNyx has demonstrated a commitment to and has real-world working knowledge of FBI CJIS Security Policy compliance and understands its criticality to the law enforcement and justice fields.

  • Special attention is taken in ensuring that all data is private. Only authorized, licensed users who have been verified through multi-factor authentication can access the content. 
  • Access can be granted or removed in real-time. Users with the appropriate authority level can grant or remove access to audio files, video files and associated attachments and annotations. 
  • All the data is encrypted and access goes through multiple levels of authentication. VidaNyx team members and technology providers are unable to access any content without the explicit consent and proactive sharing of content from a VidaNyx user. 
  • VidaNyx has also undergone HIPAA assessments and third parity penetration testing to confirm top security and privacy measures are validated by independent sources. 
  • There is complete Chain of Custody tracking. At any time, users with the appropriate authority level can see the historic access to the evidence, who currently has access, and who has downloaded or viewed the evidence.

13 layers of security

VidaNyx gives you peace of mind and protects against unauthorized access.

Our “Moving Target Defense”, powered by Polyverse, is a security layer that jumbles up keywords of the VidaNyx code. This creates immense challenges for any potential security threat.

13 layers of security

chain of custody

comprehensive chain of custody tracking

automated transcripts and closed captioning with editor

encrypted downloadable copies for off-line access

video tags

third-party uploading and sharing

decreased human error

real-time reporting and dashboards

we can help you accelerate justice and enable healing

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