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mission-driven to secure and simplify video evidence.

VidaNyx technologies directly support child advocacy, child protective services, district and county attorneys and their partners in law enforcement.  Contact us to learn more about our latest software for District and County Attorneys.

In child advocacy and child protection, our simple and secure software helps you accelerate justice and healing by working safely across teams. VidaNyx was designed for secure digital forensic interview sharing to solve specific challenges for child advocacy centers and their partner agencies, including: 

  • protecting and preserving child testimonies
  • upholding evidence integrity
  • enhancing MDT collaboration
  • reducing burden associated with DVDs
  • saving time and money

the most simple and secure way to share, store,
and collaborate on evidence

Digital Evidence Management

VidaNyx Standard

Comprehensive evidence management

For teams committed to better protecting and serving child survivors, VidaNyx Standard is a comprehensive digital evidence tool that enables collaboration across child advocacy teams, accelerates access to evidence, and saves time and money by eliminating the use of DVDs and other time-consuming and redundant processes. With user-based access permissions, you can be confident that their stories are safe and only viewable by those who need it.

Prior to VidaNyx, our Center was handing over DVDs to investigative agencies. Where they went from there, we didn’t know. Since using this program, it’s become clear that these interviews were shared more than any of us imagined. Being able to keep this information safeguarded has been invaluable.

Tonya Murray

Director, Uintah/Daggett Children's Justice Center.

increase case management capacity

comprehensive chain of custody tracking

close-captioning & transcriptions (beta)

encrypted downloadable copies for off-line access

comprehensive reporting and dashboards

secure & reliable long-term archiving

decrease the threat of human error

decrease hidden operating costs


Manage Your Cases

Manage all of your cases and the cases of your CAC with easy to use cards.


Manage Users and Roles

Easily manage users and their permissions on your cases. Allow different types of users to view, share, or download the evidence.

Sharing Evidence

Control How You Share

Control what access each viewer has on your case including who can view videos, images, attachements, or tags.


Organize with Groups

Easily create and use groups to quickly share cases with the same set of people, such as MDT members.

Deliver Forensic Interviews

VidaNyx Express

The simplest way to discontinue DVDs

For teams who want a simple way to start phasing out DVDs, VidaNyx Express was designed as a secure, affordable and easy way to share forensic interview evidence.  Log in, upload and share.  With a couple clicks, partner agencies can download the files, and justice and healing can begin.

  • 5 free deliveries every month
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Eliminate DVDs

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Together, let's accelerate justice and healing

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