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How secure is the cloud? A few years back, we only used the word “cloud” talking about the weather. Today, it’s a building block for innovation and cybersecurity.

To keep critical and sensitive video evidence, including children’s disclosures safe, at VidaNyx we have a state-of-the-art cloud computing architecture, based on Amazon Web Services – AWS.

layers of security

13 layers of security to give you peace of mind that protect against unauthorized access. The same security schema used by financial institutions, military applications, and Fortune 500 companies.  Including “Moving Target Defense” powered by Polyverse. This security layer jumbles up keywords of the VidaNyx code which creates immense challenges for any potential security threat — and ensures peace of mind for our legal teams and Child Advocacy Centers.

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Together, let's accelerate justice and healing

Together, let's accelerate justice and healing

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