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July 10 – 14, 2023 is National Forensic Interviewers Week!

In forensic interviews, children entrust a professionally trained child forensic interviewer with their story, oftentimes sharing their full abuse story for the first time. We are excited to honor and celebrate forensic interviewers, the specialized professionals a child first meets on their journey toward safety and healing.

We take great pride in having the backs of these professionals – and extending that trust further in securing the controlled distribution of the recorded interviews. In our beginning, VidaNyx began to solve a very specific problem – to innovate a better way to protect recorded interviews of child survivors of sexual assault. To replace the practice of copying and circulating sensitive testimonies of trauma to various partners on DVDs and jump drives – exposing them unnecessarily to human error and malicious intent.

National Forensic Interviewers Week is a way to honor Interviewers and the work we do together to protect survivors.


VidaNyx Award Nominations

  • Forensic Interviewer of the Year
  • Child Advocacy Leader
  • Child Advocacy Partner of the Year
  • Champion for Children

Nominations are due June 16, 2023

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Forensic Interviewer of the Year

Child Advocacy Leader

Child Advocacy Partner of the Year

Champion for Children

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about forensic interviewers

Forensic Interviewers are a very unique, professional role and key to child abuse investigations. They are responsible for providing developmentally sensitive, culturally appropriate, legally defensible forensic interviews of children and adolescents when an allegation of abuse has been made or a traumatic event witnessed.

Each year, nearly 700,000 children are abused in the US and these families are supported by a network of 900 child advocacy centers. Nearly 90% of the time, children are abused by a family member, or someone they know in trust. A Forensic Interviewer is often the first person a survivor of abuse discloses their entire story to, if a survivor discloses at all. 

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