courtesy: VidaNyx’s journey to protect child abuse survivor stories

free monthly offering for every child advocacy center sharing courtesy forensic interviews.

VidaNyx is a social enterprise that recognizes that every moment of a child survivors’ journey is a part of their story.  Their humanity. We love child advocacy centers because, by design, they are child-centric – bending the system around the child to minimize the trauma and maximize the opportunity for healing. Record the story of the child’s trauma in a forensic interview so that pain doesn’t have to be retold unnecessarily.

At VidaNyx, we are an extension of the child advocacy field from which we were created – enabling secure digital sharing of forensic interview recordings and other sensitive evidence across incredible multidisciplinary organizations delivering justice, healing, and hope.

giving back to the child advocacy field

As we considered how we might expand our support of child advocacy, it occurred to us.  While we are on our journey to protect every child’s story, what service can we provide every child advocacy center?  Grow a movement to Protect Survivor Stories. Child advocacy centers regularly conduct courtesy forensic interviews for peer centers and multidisciplinary organizations in different jurisdictions.  Recordings from these interviews are often replicated on DVDs and priority mailed to partner organizations.  The forensic interview recordings of trauma from child abuse are handled by many in the pathway to get to the limited parties who really need access.  And in addition to the risk of exposure in handling of this evidence, it is also costly and time inefficient.  What if we could start with every child advocacy center and begin to solve for secure courtesy forensic interview sharing?

So that’s what we’re doing.  Offering every child advocacy center access to securely send three courtesy interviews a month at no cost.  Every center.  Every single month.  Making it simple to extend your protection of the child – by honoring the rights of these children to the same dignity in the protection of their vulnerable truths.

Join us in the pledge at and sign up for your courtesy VidaNyx Express license to begin a safer way to share child forensic courtesy interviews.

Turning a Tech Talk into a ‘Nology Walk

When I sat down to write this post, I had just returned home from visiting a child advocacy center after training their team on a new cloud-based video management solution. The CAC I visited conducts more than 2,000 child forensic interviews per year, and my mind was full with all the ways CACs can benefit from cloud technology.

VidaNyx’s eleven ways to take action to honor survivor support day

At VidaNyx, survivors of child abuse and neglect and the child advocacy centers and multidisciplinary teams that support them are at the center of our mission to deliver leading technology advancing justice and healing.
In honor of Survivor Support Day July 11th, we share this list of eleven simple actions that can be done to share your survivor support.

from darkness to light with tech for the public interest

There is no reason why people in the U.S. should have more information about their nearest coffee shop than where to go for sexual assault response. This summer I was introduced to one of the nation’s leading sexual assault reform advocates, Leah Griffin. I immediately knew her powerful story would change our nation.

protecting child forensic interview video evidence

Across the US, child advocacy centers are focused on providing a continuum of services to children who have suffered from incidents of child abuse and neglect. To effectively provide services without retraumatization, child forensic interviews are video recorded so they can be shared with law enforcement, prosecution, child welfare agencies, health professionals and when necessary, defense attorneys – without forcing the child to have to retell the story of their trauma unnecessarily.

a letter from our new CEO: sara boyd

I am tremendously honored to join VidaNyx as CEO. Having spent nearly 20 years of my career in the nonprofit sector, most recently as CEO of the Omaha Community Foundation, I have a personal commitment to delivering ​world-class technology that prioritizes the security, healing, and justice you provide child survivors.

child advocacy teams serve more children than ever before

Supporting secure video evidence delivery across 4,800 agencies nationwide, at VidaNyx we have the privilege of working with more than 16,000 multidisciplinary professionals. These amazing human beings at the front lines of child safety interrupt trauma and build hope during some of the most trying times in recent history. However, this work often comes at the expense of their own well being.

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