courtesy: VidaNyx’s journey to protect child abuse survivor stories

free monthly offering for every child advocacy center sharing courtesy forensic interviews.

VidaNyx is a social enterprise that recognizes that every moment of a child survivors’ journey is a part of their story.  Their humanity. We love child advocacy centers because, by design, they are child-centric – bending the system around the child to minimize the trauma and maximize the opportunity for healing. Record the story of the child’s trauma in a forensic interview so that pain doesn’t have to be retold unnecessarily.

At VidaNyx, we are an extension of the child advocacy field from which we were created – enabling secure digital sharing of forensic interview recordings and other sensitive evidence across incredible multidisciplinary organizations delivering justice, healing, and hope.

giving back to the child advocacy field

As we considered how we might expand our support of child advocacy, it occurred to us.  While we are on our journey to protect every child’s story, what service can we provide every child advocacy center?  Grow a movement to Protect Survivor Stories. Child advocacy centers regularly conduct courtesy forensic interviews for peer centers and multidisciplinary organizations in different jurisdictions.  Recordings from these interviews are often replicated on DVDs and priority mailed to partner organizations.  The forensic interview recordings of trauma from child abuse are handled by many in the pathway to get to the limited parties who really need access.  And in addition to the risk of exposure in handling of this evidence, it is also costly and time inefficient.  What if we could start with every child advocacy center and begin to solve for secure courtesy forensic interview sharing?

So that’s what we’re doing.  Offering every child advocacy center access to securely send three courtesy interviews a month at no cost.  Every center.  Every single month.  Making it simple to extend your protection of the child – by honoring the rights of these children to the same dignity in the protection of their vulnerable truths.

Join us in the pledge at and sign up for your courtesy VidaNyx Express license to begin a safer way to share child forensic courtesy interviews.

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