VidaNyx Pro

VidaNyx Pro is an evidence management solution for prosecution offices of all sizes and budgets. Our powerful, user-friendly platform helps prosecution offices modernize their discovery process, especially with audio & video files. We help teams work faster, smarter, & more efficiently to accelerate justice.

see how easy it is to VidaNyx evidence

Modernizing your workflow is easy and efficient with VidaNyx Pro. Everything needed to request, send or share evidence, as well as trial tools for court preparation, are within VidaNyx Pro. View the following videos to see VidaNyx Pro in action.

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Catch a no pressure demo of VidaNyx Pro each Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. CT.

VidaNyx Pro is an expanded version of VidaNyx and is designed to assist prosecution and Title IX offices in the management of evidence for all types of cases.

we can help you accelerate justice and enable healing

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