On a Mission to Protect Survivor Stories

The challenge

To only share their story once, child survivors have their interviews recorded. They trust we will protect their haunting truths. Unfortunately, common practices are outdated, no longer meeting security and privacy standards. Together, we can do better.

The protect survivor stories pledge

I/We pledge to honor the humanity of survivors, the dignity of their personal stories, and their right to safety, justice, and healing.

I/We promise to secure the truths of child survivors of abuse by supporting practices that ensure forensic interview evidence is handled in a manner that prioritizes the child’s present and future well-being and minimizes the risk of loss or misuse.

Sign the Pledge

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About the Issue

For every child forensic interview, up to a dozen different copies are made and 60 different actions are taken. Survivor stories are at risk of loss and misuse from human error and the use of DVDs.

Our Commitment

Take the first step towards a more secure workflow with a free VidaNyx Express license. Receive 5 free deliveries every month. Sign up and get started right away.

Sponsor a Share

You can sponsor the protection of one more child’s truth. Help us support more child advocacy centers and secure more evidence now and into the future. Sponsor a single child’s interview or many.

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