National Forensic Interviewers Week

Jun 28, 2022

We’re proclaiming July 11 – 15th as the inaugural National Forensic Interviewers Week!

We hope you will join the celebration and honor the Forensic Interviewers you work with. Get started today by:

In our beginning, VidaNyx began to solve a very specific problem – to innovate a better way to protect recorded interviews of child survivors of sexual assault. To replace the practice of copying and circulating sensitive testimonies of trauma to various partners on DVDs and jump drives – exposing them unnecessarily to human error and malicious intent.

In forensic interviews, children entrust a professionally trained child forensic interviewer with their story, oftentimes sharing their full abuse story for the first time. This year, we are excited to honor and celebrate forensic interviewers, the specialized professionals a child first meets on their journey toward safety and healing.

We take great pride in having the backs of these professionals – and extending that trust further in securing the controlled distribution of the recorded interviews.

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