centralized evidence management for prosecution offices

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centralized evidence management for prosecutors, title ix offices

For Prosecution and Title IX Offices, VidaNyx is an easy-to-use and affordable secure evidence management software that helps accelerate justice by simplifying discovery and digital evidence case preparations. We share your goal to advance justice, saving you and your staff valuable time and energy to focus on delivering outcomes, not handling evidence.

 With VidaNyx users can upload, store and share any type of evidence collected. It integrates with all types of systems and proprietary files, automatically transcribes audio, and provides military-grade security that is based on the highest standards associated with CJIS, HIPAA, and other data security frameworks.

Today over 50,000 users upload, store and share sensitive evidence with VidaNyx. They have saved over $20.5 million and over 95,000 people hours by eliminating manual processes in evidence collection and management.

over 5,000 prosecutors trust VidaNyx

“VidaNyx is saving a lot of time and in terms of staff time, it is a massive change. It is saving at least one full-time employee, maybe two. VidaNyx allows us to get to what the cases should be about.”

Matthew D. Wilber

District Attorney, Pottawattamie County District Attorney

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VidaNyx Pro is an expanded version of VidaNyx and is designed to assist prosecution and Title IX offices in the management of evidence for all types of cases.

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users report 67% faster case preparation with VidaNyx


up to 90% cost savings reported over traditional video evidence processing

reliable functionality for legal professionals

evidence intake

Easy and secure digital evidence intake allows others to upload evidence, including law enforcement - even businesses with security footage.

  • Invite third parties to upload evidence
  • Securely handle proprietary audio and video files
  • Integrate with other systems

audio and video tools

Our easy to use audio and video tools allow you to edit, tag, and organize digital evidence in-app to maximize resources.
  • Automated transcripts and closed captioning
  • Transcription editing in-app
  • Video tagging
  • Redaction/video editing

audit trail

A comprehensive chain of custody ensures that evidence is safely sent, received, and only accessed by those who need it.

  • Search and sort case activity
  • Simple sharing interface with notices, receipts, and expiration dates
  • Robust system-wide reporting with Summary Reports

VidaNyx moves justice forward, uninterrupted

VidaNyx is a secure and simple solution for evidence management

    13 layers of security

    chain of custody

    comprehensive chain of custody tracking

    automated transcripts and closed captioning with editor

    encrypted downloadable copies for off-line access

    video tags

    third-party uploading and sharing

    decreased human error

    real-time reporting and dashboards

    we can help you accelerate justice and enable healing

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