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Making an impact in the life of just one child is enough to change the world. Who knows if that child could go on to become the next Gandhi, Parks, Einstein or Bader? (read our co-founder interview with Thrive Global)

Our users report savings of up to 90% of the total cost per case. From a systematic point of view, achieving a 10x improvement in the way the Child Advocacy Centers operates will free up resources that can be used to serve more children, and to shift the focus towards prevention to end the cycle of abuse.  

This VidaNyx Impact Report, updated daily, shows some impact indicators associated with centers, multidisciplinary teams, law enforcement, child protection, and other agencies.

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Impact Supporters

Made possible thanks to leading foundations and philanthropists providing catalytic grants for CAC to use the technology during the first year. In year two, their regular budget cycle with grants from the DOJ and other sources will pay for the solution. We solve a complex technical problem as well as a funding gap.

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Together, let's accelerate justice and healing

Together, let's accelerate justice and healing

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