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VidaNyx Pro is a digital evidence management solution for prosecutors and prosecution offices of all sizes and budgets. Our powerful, user-friendly platform helps modernize discovery processes, especially with audio & video files.

Try VidaNyx Pro and work faster, smarter, & more efficiently to accelerate justice.


Select a time for a consultation call by entering your email to the right and filling out the form that follows. In the meeting, our Outreach Team go over your workflow needs and goals for the free trial, as well as answer any questions.

We highly recommend catching the weekly demo on Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m. CT or scheduling a full demo with our Outreach Team before signing up for the free trial.


After a 30-min set-up call with our Customer Success Team, you are ready to go.

We will support your trial experience, including onboarding and customer support.  VidaNyx Pro is intuitive and easy to use, but should you have questions or trouble, our Customer Success Team is here to assist.

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Modernizing your workflow is easy and efficient with VidaNyx Pro. Everything needed to request, send or share evidence, as well as trial tools for court preparation, are within VidaNyx Pro. View the following videos to see VidaNyx Pro in action.

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Catch a no pressure demo of VidaNyx Pro each Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. CT.

VidaNyx Pro is an expanded version of VidaNyx and is designed to assist prosecution and Title IX offices in the management of evidence for all types of cases.

outreach & customer success teams

VidaNyx staff are mission-driven, passionate people who are experts in their fields. Our team is fully-focused on providing the best product, resources, and customer service to help organizations meet their own missions. Many of our team members have professional experiences within children’s advocacy centers, nonprofit organizations, district attorney’s offices and law enforcement agencies.

carrie paschall

carrie paschall

senior outreach manager

Recognized by the FBI for her service and commitment to the field of child abuse, Carrie Paschall has over 25 years of experience in investigative leadership - including 14 in the Tarrant County, Texas DA's Office. As a Forensic Interviewer, Trainer and Expert Witness she has testified in over 70 court proceedings, and has conducted over 5,500 child forensic interviews.

Carrie's passion for protection and justice drives her consultative approach to helping organizations VidaNyx evidence.

brittany ford

brittany ford

prosecution outreach specialist

Brittany Ford is passionate about protecting the rights of those most vulnerable.  She previously worked as a Deputy District Attorney for the State of Alabama where she saw technology's potential to accelerate the wheels of justice and bring closure to survivors of violent crime more efficiently.
megan peterson

megan peterson

outreach specialist

Megan Peterson has spent her entire career in the field of child abuse, both as an investigator and as a Forensic Interviewer. Along with her dedication to the people working in the fields of justice and abuse, her deep understanding and experience of processes and protocols allows for a smooth experience for organizations considering VidaNyx.

jennifer sherenian

jennifer sherenian

customer success manager

Jennifer Sherenian has spent her professional career working within an MDT to serve families in crisis, ensuring they are not lost in the system and have the resources to move forward in their healing. It's with this dedication that she now supports VidaNyx users, both within an MDT or Prosecution Offices, so that healing and justice is accelerated.

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ashley stokrp

ashley stokrp

customer success representative

Ashley Stokrp has spent her career in building pathways for Customer Success. She takes an empathy-forward approach driven by a desire to make technology feel accessible and user-friendly. She’s motivated to support the important work of VidaNyx users getting to the heart of justice sooner by offering quick and friendly system support and guidance.

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