Free Guide to Evaluating Digital Evidence Management Software

May 31, 2022

Searching for an eDiscovery System?

We’ve created a comprehensive guide to making decisions on software purchases for digital evidence management.

Digital evidence is a critical part of almost every criminal investigation in the US, but legacy processes of sharing evidence on discs and thumb drives poses many problems. Delayed justice and victim healing costs our criminal justice and human services systems hundreds of millions of dollars every year. The reality of a mistrial if one piece of evidence isn’t shared, and the risks of sensitive recordings getting lost or into the wrong hands.

Nonprofit organizations and government agencies have more choices than ever before about how to use digital workflows. According to research, the global market for digital evidence management is estimated to be over $8.5 billion in less than 2 years. Finding the right one for your organization can be daunting.

Many decision-makers are overwhelmed and often intimidated when it comes to making technology decisions, particularly when it includes disrupting current complex processes, like the management of evidence. Combine process complexity with the number of parties who rely on this evidence and strict discovery due dates, and digital transformation becomes a scary proposition for many.

This White Paper provides eleven steps each organization should consider when searching for the right digital evidence management solution for their office.

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