For Children's Advocacy Centers, Prosecution and Title IX Offices, VidaNyx is an easy-to-use, affordable, and secure evidence management software that helps accelerate justice by simplifying discovery and digital evidence case/investigation preparations.

VidaNyx features

no DVDs

No longer spend time or money, or take a security risk, with DVDs or jump drives. 


VidaNyx’s security architecture is based on the highest standards associated with CJIS, HIPAA, and other data security frameworks.

mobile app

all the same features as our web-based version, PLUS the ability to capture digital evidence, including videos, audio files and photos.

proprietary files

Securely handle proprietary audio and video files.


AI-based automatic transcription and closed captioning of all audio in each version of VidaNyx. Transcripts can be edited to prepare for court prep.

chain of custody

share and revoke your sharing of files, see who has accessed files, give permissions to files and folders by user level.

3rd party uploading

allow 3rd parties, including law enforcement, businesses, MDTs and defense counsels, upload evidence into VidaNyx.


AI-based translation for Spanish to English in VidaNyx Standard.


Trim video clips in-app in VidaNyx Pro.


Tag, or time stamp important aspects of evidence - they can be kept private or shared. Mark elements of the offense or important details to highlight in witness testimony.


Easily share evidence, with permisions - acknowledge an evidence receipt; give view only or edit privileges; share all current and future evidence

reporting and dashboards

Real-time reporting and dashboards help your team better understand cases.

we can help you accelerate justice and enable healing

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