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Digital Evidence Management

VidaNyx Express

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For CACs who are ready to take a step towards more security for survivor stories, VidaNyx Express provides a simple and cost effective way to get started. Transfer video forensic interviews and other digital evidence like images quickly with secure cloud technology. No more mailing DVDs and flash drives. No more stress about when your files will arrive – if at all.

We have cases in which previously we’d mail physical copies of forensic interviews to law enforcement agencies which posed some concern in regards to security. We are now able to use VidaNyx to share those interviews without compromising their security.

Nate Colwell

Forensic Interviewer, Sangamon County Child Advocacy Center

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At VidaNyx, we’re committed to helping you protect survivor stories. It’s so important to us that we’ve decided to give away VidaNyx Express for free. Every CAC in the country is welcome to a completely free license of VidaNyx Express and three free shares each month. No credit card required. No contracts to sign. We believe that, together, we can create new standards of security across the field. Sign up for VidaNyx Express and pledge with us.

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3 interviews every month

Use your free VidaNyx Express license as part of a pledge to better protect survivor stories. No credit cards. No contracts. No long commitments. This is simply a free product to help you eliminate less secure options for sharing like DVDs and flash drives. Get started right away with VidaNyx Express.

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Purchase more starting at $49/mo

We’d love to see every piece of digital evidence shared in a more secure manner. If you’d like to completely eliminate DVDs and flash drives, you can purchase more interviews for your CAC starting at $49 per month.

We recently had a case where the abuse was alleged to have taken place out of state by a relative. There was serious concern regarding two other children living in the home with the alleged perpetrator. The detective out of state was immediately able to see the interview of the child and based on the compelling nature of the interview, he initiated contact with the family and children in his jurisdiction very quickly. One of the children there did disclose abuse and was able to avoid contact with the alleged perpetrator and possibly further abuse.

Carmen Crabtree

Executive Director, Advocacy Center for Children of Galveston County

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