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During the COVID-19 crisis, VidaNyx is here to ensure the vital work you do to manage, share, and review forensic interviews continues without interruption.

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Thanks to a generous donor, 30 child advocacy centers across 18 states were provided grant funds to use VidaNyx to meet the demand to protect forensic interviews and accelerate access to this critical evidence contact-free during the pandemic. We continue to seek additional catalytic grant funding, and retain a waitlist to inform future grant opportunities.

full support from team vidanyx

While working safely from home, and following official recommendations, our team is fully operational during this time of increased support needs. Use the Help and Support button anytime to connect to a team member for full access.

How VidaNyx is supporting CACs during COVID-19 restrictions


When the staff at Butler County Alliance for Children in Pennsylvania started working remotely due to COVID-19, their center was only taking necessary cases, allowing one staff member in the center at a time. They value VidaNyx as a tool that was readily available and eliminated tangible material being passed back and forth between people.


Like many others in the early stages of the pandemic, the Baltimore Child Abuse Center in Maryland limited their interviews to only acute cases. For those cases and beyond, VidaNyx is a HIPAA-compliant way for their team to share videos, reports, and complete digital case files to maintain case management while working remotely.


Natchez Children’s Services in Mississippi has found VidaNyx to be a useful tool to facilitate in house peer reviews while the team is working from home. Videos are shared with NCS-CAC staff who log in at the same time and view portions of the interviews that they have chosen to discuss.


Prior to the pandemic, Jackson County Child Advocacy Center in Michigan was already using VidaNyx to store forensic interviews. When restrictions were put in place in March 2020, VidaNyx enabled the forensic interviewers to continue conducting emergency interviews and to share evidence with their MDT with no contact, no downloads, no installs, and no DVDs.


With VidaNyx, the staff of the South Carolina state chapter is able to collect and share videos ahead of their peer review session, giving participants the ability to review the videos on their own time in the comfort of their own remote locations.
Use your Tablet to work remotely with Vidanyx @1000

remote work – safe and easy digital workflow

VidaNyx enables remote work, telecommuting, and adherence to ‘social distancing’ recommendations. VidaNyx is a 100% cloud-based tool to meet the specific needs of Child Advocacy Centers (CACs) and corresponding multidisciplinary teams (MDTs). Approved users that pass a 2-factor authentication process can access, with an up-to-date web browser, the forensic interviews, and associated case data. The benefits of using VidaNyx include access from anywhere, whether in the office or at a remote location. Since there are no downloads or installations required, all you need is a good internet connection and a compatible browser. As a reminder, VidaNyx is available with unlimited access to support decentralized workflows. There are no restrictions on the number of logins or accounts per license.

working remotely with vidanyx

  1. Add users to share forensic interviews for review
  2. Attach case related documents or images
  3. Edit interview details
  4. Manage storage by archiving older interviews
  5. Add users, both internal CAC staff and external MDT partners
  6. View forensic interviews
  7. View or downloading transcripts
  8. Monitor usage through VidaNyx History, Manager Summary, and Mobile Dashboards
  9. Transfer custodianship (feature available upon request)
  10. and much more!

All VidaNyx functionality is available outside the office using a Windows-based computer, a Mac, or a Tablet that supports the most recent version of iOS or Android and the most current version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge Browsers

layers of security to give you peace of mind as you enable remote access

We want you to have peace of mind as you work remotely. Please know VidaNyx is protected by 13 layers of security to give you peace of mind that protects against unauthorized access. The same security schema used by financial institutions, military applications, and Fortune 500 companies.  Including “Moving Target Defense” powered by Polyverse. This security layer jumbles up keywords of the VidaNyx code which creates immense challenges for any potential security threat — and ensures peace of mind for our Child Advocacy Centers and the thousands of agencies that support their work.

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Contact us and get started with a free demo account in less than 24 hours,  or to learn about grant opportunities to sponsor VidaNyx for one or more child advocacy centers.

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