a letter from our new CEO: sara boyd

Jan 13, 2020

a meaningful journey

I am tremendously honored to join VidaNyx as CEO. Having spent nearly 20 years of my career in the nonprofit sector, most recently as CEO of the Omaha Community Foundation, I have a personal commitment to delivering ​world-class technology that prioritizes the security, healing, and justice you provide child survivors.

My passion for VidaNyx comes through the intersection of two things for which I care deeply. The first is the collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach, unique to child advocacy centers, that drive your work by centering the needs of child survivors. The second, born out of my personal experience over the past two decades with underperforming technology serving the sector, is the opportunity for leading-edge technology to deliver real value to power and accelerate social impact.

My journey with VidaNyx began more than 2 years ago when I first met Shelly Kurtz and Luis Salazar as they were launching Giving Tech Labs. I could tell from my initial meeting with them that they were two incredibly smart, personally motivated, and captivating leaders who had the ability to transform how technology drives social impact.

Interested in helping source initial ideas for the Lab, I hosted a couple of roundtable discussions with inspiring and innovative nonprofit leaders to brainstorm what true technology for the public interest (#tech4pi) could unlock. It was then with Project Harmony in Omaha, Nebraska that VidaNyx was born.

Since then, given my strong interest in the movement Shelly and Luis were inspiring, combined with their personal and professional investment in making VidaNyx a reality for child advocacy centers across the country in connection with Gene Klein at Project Harmony, I have stayed connected to the work. Now, after one year of operation, it is time for VidaNyx to expand upon the dedicated resources we have to serve you.

It is with humility and admiration for the work that you do that I take on this role as CEO. You have my personal commitment to building upon the early traditions of VidaNyx. Together, we will further the opportunity for this world-class digital evidence platform to empower centers like yours to protect children’s stories, provide peace of mind for families, and deliver tools that enhance justice and healing. Thank you for the meaningful work that you do.

Your work is the very heart of VidaNyx, and I am grateful to be a part of it.

Feel free to connect with me anytime.


Sara Boyd, CEO

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