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There are over 700,000 cases of child abuse in the US every year and over 850 Nationally-Accredited Child Advocacy Centers (CACs) serve the needs of these children and their families.

A Children’s Advocacy Center is a child-friendly facility in which law enforcement, child protection, prosecution, mental health, medical and victim advocacy professionals work together to investigate abuse, help children heal from abuse, and hold offenders accountable.

a forensic interview is a critical first step, and it serves two purposes:

reduce children’s trauma in the retelling of their experience as part of their healing process.

evidence for the judicial system and preventing others from falling victim to the same perpetrator.

technology driven by collective impact

Inspired by Project Harmony in Omaha, NE, in collaboration with the National Children Alliance and an advisory council with expert attorneys, prosecutors, therapists, forensic interviewers, and Child Advocacy Centers across the U.S. working together on using state-of-the-art technology to protect and support children victims of childhood sexual assault and abuse.

Made possible thanks to leading foundations and philanthropists providing catalytic grants for CAC to use the technology during the first year. In year two, their regular budget cycle with grants from the DOJ and other sources will pay for the solution. We solve a complex technical problem as well as a funding gap.

manage & protect digital video evidence like never before ®

In collaboration with forensic interviewers, CAC leaders, and subject matter experts, we learned about the challenges in handling access to forensic interviews, tracking the chain of custody, running a smooth operation and ensuring long-term archiving potential to best serve the needs of the children, law enforcement, the justice system, and evidence-based therapy.

Starts at $10.95 per video and users report savings of over $300 per video, in evidence distribution, audio transcriptions, access management, chain of custody documentation and archival costs.

VidaNyx works with any MP4 file from your video recording systems and offers the following benefits:

increase case management capacity

comprehensive chain of custody tracking

close-captioning & transcriptions (beta)

encrypted downloadable copies for off-line access

comprehensive reporting and dashboards

secure & reliable long-term archiving

decrease the threat of human error

decrease hidden operating costs

helping child advocacy centers everywhere

The VidaNyx technology is so needed. We are grateful for the innovation and partnership from Giving Tech Labs to provide resources and expertise to solve a critical problem faced by child advocacy centers in safeguarding the outcry and disclosure of abuse of our nation’s children.

Gene Klein

Executive Director, Project Harmony

VidaNyx is amazing. After meeting with them I was even more convinced this is the right fit for our CAC. Everything about VidaNyx would enhance who we are as a CAC and what we can offer our Community Partners. I see all the benefits and no downsides to collaborating with them.

Nina Taylor

Interview Specialist, Harbor Connections - WA

Thank you for taking on this huge undertaking. Child Advocacy Centers like ours really do need a video management solution to keep children’s experiences safe.

Amparo Ozuna

Child Interview Specialist, Calico Center


13 layers of security to give you peace of mind that protect against unauthorized access. The same security schema used by financial institutions, military applications and Fortune 500 companies


Resilient cloud-based architecture with load-balancing and real-time backups to protect you from mistakes, help in cases of disaster recovery and protecting children stories for the long-term to serve them better

Mission Driven

To become the most convenient digital tool to manage forensic interviews and protect our children. Shortly, to also protect adults, victims of domestic abuse or sexual traffic

technology built by experts

To create sustainable social impact at scale is our IKIGAI.

VidaNyx LLC is a sustainable social enterprise incubated at Giving Tech Labs, where we build technologies and business models to help address complex issues in society. We bring to the social sector, government, and nonprofits, years of expertise launching successful products, marketing plans, cloud-based digital transformations and winning strategies in over 17 countries reaching from a few hundred to more than 700 million users.


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